Renault Concept Car Scouts for Traffic via Drone

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

Everyone who’s ever been in traffic has probably wished that they had some sort of early-warning system to let them know when they were driving towards a gridlock. Renault’s latest concept car fills that need by launching a drone to scout ahead for traffic jams and report back to the driver in time for a diversion.

Any concept car is about bold colors, sharp design, and crazy features- but the Renault Kwid’s in-build drone may be the craziest concept feature we’ve ever heard of before. The tiny drone would be launched from a specialized compartments built into the car’s roof to scout the area for traffic and warn the driver of any dangers or delays on the road ahead of them. The drone could be controlled either from a linked tablet, or set to fly out autonomously, and it would even be capable of recording video for playback later.

The Kwid was actually dreamed up to one day be sold on the Indian market, and the drone feature is largely there to capture the interest of the tech-savvy younger generation. Though it seems unlikely that the Renault Kwid will ever really reach the market, the idea of drone-guided traffic control may yet have time to take off.

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