Reddit downgrades its tech community

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

Subreddit /r/technology has lost its place in Reddit's coveted list of default forums following a long-drawn out battle between its moderators. Users subscribed to the forum discovered that a bot was being used to cull certain posts based on particular keywords. AutoModerator would automatically pull posts including terms like anti-piracy, Snowden and Bitcoin, something that quenched Reddit's front page.

Some moderators have since come out and made AutoModerator's configuration page accessible, while removing the ban on the aforementioned keywords. The entire drama has also been outlined for Reddit's community to see, and the moderators who gave rise to the issues that led to /r/technology's downfall removed. 

Reddit issued its own message to the moderators, where it deemed /r/technology's route back to its former status possible - if they behave. "If you can manage to look past your petty squabbles, add new moderators (there needs to be a significant increase in active mods), and function as a team we might consider adding you back."

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