Post-Heartbleed, tech giants pledge to fund OpenSSL

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 5 months ago)

Following the Heartbleed bug that shook (and is still shaking) the Internet, a number of tech giants have fallen behind OpenSSL and agreed to to fund the open-source project. Google, Facebook and Amazon are just three of the many companies who have pledged their support to the OpenSSL Foundation, which doesn't charge any money for use of its software and relies on small donations from time-to-time. With just one developer working on OpenSSL as opposed to 75 percent of the Internet using the technology, it is about time that the project got the investment it needed.

OpenSSL Foundation president Steve Marquess took to a blog post to report that the foundation had already received $9000 in the two weeks since Heartbleed was discovered - this in contrast to the $2000 it usually receives annually. Now the tech giants are looking to partner with the Linux Foundation to "help fund under-funded open source projects, with OpenSSL coming first." This will be a "three-year initiative with at least $3.9 million" coming in.

While the deal has yet to be confirmed, it could not come sooner. Marquess himself had spoken about OpenSSL's situation:

"There should be at least a half dozen full time OpenSSL team members, not just one, able to concentrate on the care and feeding of OpenSSL without having to hustle commercial work. If you're a corporate or government decision maker in a position to do something about it, give it some thought. Please. I'm getting old and weary and I'd like to retire someday." 

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