Pinterest 'recommending' posts based on gender

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 6 months ago)

Users joining Pinterest as of late are undergoing a different sign-up procedure than their predeccessors. It seems that the board reccommendation screen, which is essential to sign-up, has taken a gender-influenced direction. If you have submitted your gender during the initial process, Pinterest tailors its suggestions according to your gender. Options for men include art, cars & motorcycles, men's fashion and photography, while women's incorporate hair & beauty, health & fitness, home decor and women's fashion, among others. "We're trying out a few different ways of recommending boards and pins to pinners," said a Pinterest rep, in response to news of the new algorithm. "In this particular new user experience, we try to pick the most relevant categories possible, and update the boards based on activity and popularity."

This obviously does not mean that women interested in art and men interested in hair won't be able to access their favorite boards. However Pinterest's outright approach to gender-related preferences will surely cause a few raised eyebrows. 

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