Password Protect Your Bookmarks on Chrome

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

All good browsers today have a private browsing mode built into their software, this allows users to keep their browsing history private without having to delete their internet browsing history after every session. Whilst it might seem convenient to let multiple users on the same computer use the same profiles or accounts, this can cause serious privacy issues in the future.

If you’re using the same computer as someone else, they have access to your browsing history, bookmarks, documents and more. Whilst you can always use the private browsing feature on your browser to safeguard your history, as well as password-protecting your documents and email, bookmarks may still be a privacy issue.

Google’s Chrome browser has an excellent solution for this problem, thanks to an extension called Hush. What Hush does is it enables users to keep their bookmarks private by password-protecting them. If you’re browsing in Chrome’s private mode, your history is protected, but any bookmarks you create will still be visible, but with Hush enabled, you will be prompted to enter a password every time you attempt to bookmark a site in private browsing mode. Later by entering the same password, you will be allowed to view your private bookmarks and select the website you would like to view. 

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