Over a Dozen Attempts Made to Hack HealthCare.gov

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

So far over a dozen hacking attacks on the struggling HealthCare.gov have taken place in the short time since the website was launched. The website, which is currently sitting at the center of the controversy surround President Obama’s new healthcare laws, has faced staggering problems since its launch in October.

According to a report by Acting Assistant Homeland Security Secretary Roberta Stempfley, the attempted hacking occurred between November 6th and November 8th, and all attempts were unsuccessful. According to Ms Stempfley, who addressed a US House of Representative committee on Wednesday, the attacks on HealthCare.gov are still under investigation.

Along with these attacks, it was also discovered recently that software has been developed recently with the express intention of overloading HealthCare.gov with more traffic than it could handle. As of last week, when the software was first discovered by researchers, it does not appear that the denial-of-service tool has been used yet by hackers.

In a separate hearing, it was revealed by an HHS official that security tests used to attempt to simulate hacking scenarios on HealthCare.gov came up with at least 7 weaknesses. Since the website collects sensitive informations such as social security numbers, birth dates, and addresses, HealthCare.gov is a huge potential target for hackers and identity thieves.

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