Open Source Brain Scanner You Can Print at Home

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

3D printing is changing the world not only by making things easier for professional manufacturers to create, but by making that creative potential accessible to a far wider audience. Already 3D blueprints for everything from prosthetic limbs to toys have found their way to the internet, but what’s the next open-source item available online? A printable brain scanner.

Developers Conor Russomanno and Joel Murphy are on a mission to make the human brain accessible to anyone with a computer, a 3D printer and some surprisingly cheap specialized hardware. With recent developments in brain-computer interface, there is a rising tide of interest in the possible interactions between our minds and our computer systems. Russomanno and Murphy’s set up aims to expand research which is traditionally left to neuroscientists and university researchers by making it accessible to anyone with enough interest in the area.

Creating a home brain scanner will require an OpenBCI microcomputer, which the two developers have also designed and hope to make available for as little as $300. This microcomputer will be capable of acting as the interpreter between your brainwaves and your computer screen. A 3D printable headset will help home neuroscientists to customize the placement of their EEG probes, which will allow up to 64 different areas of the brain to be tracked and targeted.

You won’t find a home-made brain scanner in most households any time in the near future, so maybe there’s no need to start worrying about brain hacking just yet. For more information on OpenBCI and its KickStarter program click here.

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