NSA Reportedly Able to Record Foreign Phone Calls

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

Intelligence agents at the NSA may have the ability to record “100 percent” of telephone calls from a targeted foreign country according to a report from The Washington Post. In addition, the National Security Agency reportedly also has the capability to store and replay these phone calls for up to a month.

According to Tuesday’s Washington Times report, the surveillance system called MYSTIC has been fully operational since 2011. Documents revealed to the newspaper by whistleblower Edward Snowden report that the system is capable of intercepting, recording, and storing billions of calls over a period of 30 days. Following this period, older recordings are purged to make way for new phone calls.

At the request of US government officials, the Post did not reveal the identity of the country being targeted by the NSA’s phone surveillance technology. In earlier leaked documents it was also revealed that the NSA was also able to record almost all domestic and international phone calls in the United States.

The National Security Agency has declined to comment on the existence of any phone recording technology, but has maintained that all of its operations follow the letter of the law.

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