NSA Can Monitor up to 75% of US Internet Traffic

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

Informants from within the National Security Agency have disclosed this week that the NSA has built a surveillance network capable of monitoring up to 75% of all American internet activity. Although the organization only has limited legal rights to spy on American citizens, the hunt for foreign intelligence has spread far over the web.

Designed to search for foreign intelligence, the NSA’s system filters through activity for communication which either originates or ends outside America, as well as completely foreign communication as well. Although the system was not supposedly designed to spy on American citizens, former officials say that it is very likely that domestic communications should be intercepted along with foreign ones.

The programs were all developed to work with major telecommunications companies, from which they gather their information.

Whilst citizens may be outrages and alarmed by the idea of a government organization such as the NSA spying on their daily communication, officials insist that this is a necessary security measure. NSA officials insist that they are not in the least interested in paying attention to the online chatter and daily communications of American citizens, but that only pertinent security information is of concern to them.

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