No New Microsoft CEO This Year

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

If you thought the new Microsoft CEO would be announced by the end of the year, don’t hold your breath; it doesn’t look like Steve Ballmer’s seat will be filled before 2014.

The incoming CEO will only be the third person to hold such a position since the company was first founded 38 years ago, following Steve Ballmer and company founder Bill Gates. When it was first announced in August that Ballmer would be stepping down within the following year, it was clear that the search for a new CEO would not be quick or easy.

Speaking at the last Microsoft shareholder meeting, Bill Gates explained that the new CEO will need to be an individual capable of running a highly complex and technical organization. According to board member John W. Thompson, the search committee in charge of finding Microsoft’s next CEO reached out to 100 people and interviewed dozens before narrowing the list down to a handful of potentials.

In an official statement, the Microsoft announced that it was “determined and confident that the company’s third CEO will lead Microsoft to renewed and continued success.” With any luck, that individual will have some good news within the early days of the New Year.

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