Nintendo Delving into the World of Mobile Gaming

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

Gaming enthusiasts around the world have been hoping for some time that video games would soon make their way to the world of smartphones- and it seems like Nintendo may be getting ready to grant that wish.

According to reports from Japanese business journal Nikkei, the iconic video game company is currently working on creating games for the growing mobile device market. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that classic Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. 3 will be available on your iPhone just yet. In all likelihood, the games Nintendo makes available on mobile devices will be demos for full-price games featured on their consoles or the 3DS.

A move towards the realm of mobile gaming might be the right move for Nintendo at the moment, following serious stock fluctuations over the past few months. Some critics view the company’s reluctance to join in the growing world of mobile gaming as a sign that Nintendo’s business model is out-of-touch with the modern video game industry.

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