Next Generation USB Will be Reversible

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Next time you spend a couple of minutes angrily trying to jiggle a dongle into its USB port before realizing that you’ve had it the wrong way round the whole time, take heart- the end is in sight.

The latest developments in Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology means that the next generation of the technology released will be smaller and completely reversible. The annoying problem of figuring out which way is up on a USB device is two decades old now, so it’s about time some improvements were made.

Dubbed the Type-C connector, the updated technology will make a USB connector look a little more like Apple’s Lightning connector, which is the model you can see on models from the iPhone 5 and later. This means that users will never need to check which side is up before plugging their devices in. The Type-C USB connector is also designed to get rid of a variety of other connectors which everyone has to deal with these days, meaning that one single all-purpose port will be usable for a lot more devices.

Aside from this convenient reversible change, Type-C connectors will have other advantages over current USB technology. The updates will be smaller than current models, closer to a Micro USB connector commonly used to charge cellphones. The Type-C will accommodate faster data transfers when it is released; the USB 3.1 is expected to reach a speed of up to 10 Gbps. Finally, the updated connectors will also be more efficient at powering devices, improving charging abilities for the huge number of mobile devices we connect to our PCs.

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