New research indicates why certain people find themselves "unfriended" on Facebook

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 5 months ago)

You could have probably gotten this answer from your friends, but a couple of studies emerging from the University of Colarado have offered new inisight into the reasons why certain Facebook users may find themselves "unfriended." According to Christpher Sibona, a doctoral student at CU Denver Business school, the most common users subject to unfriending are high school acquaintances. "The most common reason for unfriending someone from high school is that the person posted polarizing comments often about religion or politics," he explained. "The other big reason for unfriending was frequent, uninteresting posts." While high school buddies were at the top of the list, other sorts made the cut, including friends of friends and colleagues.

People who have suffered the brunt of being unfriended were also interviewed for the study. The most common reaction to being unfriended was "I was surprised", while "it bothered me", "I was amused", and "I felt sad" followed closely.

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