New Apple patent looking to end texting while driving

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 5 months ago)

Having already announced its intentions to launch CarPlay, an inbuilt, interactive panel that syncs iPhone users' cars with their phones, Apple are working to reduce driver distraction even further. Their latest patent could be responsible for reducing texting while driving, through what is described as a "driver handheld computing device lock-out." The wording of the patent implies that the user's device will lock down when the user is driving, preventing text messaging or other smartphone functions. 

With texting while driving a major issue at the moment, the tech giant could have the power to reduce the huge amount of accidents that occur on the road due to driver distraction. While there are a number of Android apps addressing this risk, the iPhone's restrictive technology meant that there was not nearly enough available to tackle the issue for Apple users. Between this and CarPlay, hopefully Apple will get the process going to change what has become an incredibly dangerous culture.

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