‘Most Wanted’ Man Googles Himself and Surrenders to Police

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 6 months ago)

Have you ever Googled yourself? It can be an eye-opening experience for a lot of people who are concerned with their digital footprints. However much dirt you can find on yourself thanks to Google, it’s probably not as much as one man in San Leandro, California.

Christopher Viatafa Googled himself last week, but it wasn’t the usual combination of Facebook pictures, old blog posts and maybe the odd local announcement that came up. Instead, Viatafa learned that he was on the North California Regional Intelligence Center’s Most Wanted list following a gunplay incident last August.

Although no one was hurt in the incident, Viatafa was put on the list of wanted persons in North California, but that seemed to be news to him. Following his Google-based revelation, the 27-year-old turned himself in to local police without further delay. Police officials were able to confirm to the San Francisco Chronicle that it was in fact Google which led to Viatafa’s sudden appearance.

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