Military Must Pay $50 Million in Software Piracy Case

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

A Texas-based company called Apptricity will be on the receiving end of a $50 million pay-out as a settlement following last year’s revelation that the United State military had pirated thousands of copies of their logistical software.

The military has been forced to pay the money after admitting to committing copyright infringement by installing pirated, unlicensed copies of Apptricity’s software on thousands of devices. Apptricity produces logistics software which is used to manage transport, supply lines and troop movement in military efforts around the world.

In total, it is thought that the military installed over 100 server licenses and around 9,000 device licenses used in various bases and operations around the world without paying a single cent. After discovering the piracy, Apptricity took the case to the US Court of Federal Claims for a sum of $224.5 million. Through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, the final payment figure of $50 million was eventually reached. For an 80-person company such as Apptricity, this post-piracy pay-out represents a huge boost in their typical earnings.

Thanks to the military pirating and pay-out, Apptricity intend to expand their team and develop further products. “Apptricity is now incredibly energized to use the settlement resolution as a catalyst for aggressive investment in our team, our solutions and our untapped market opportunities,” said CFO Randy Lieberman. 

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