Microsoft Updates Privacy Policy Following Hotmail Search Revelation

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

Late last Microsoft admitted to looking through a Hotmail user’s inbox while searching for the source of leaked company information. Although the company was completely within its legal rights to conduct the search, the backlash may have caused Microsoft to update its privacy policy.

Following public outcry over Microsoft’s invasion of privacy, the company has promised to set a more rigorous privacy standard in the future, offering a number of updates to its policies. Microsoft’s deputy general counsel, John Frank, present a list of four new standards which would be applied to any similar future cases.

In future cases, Microsoft has said that it will not be searching customer email accounts unless the circumstances at hand would justify a court order. Even when such an order is granted, the company will also take pains to ensure that only the area under suspicion would be searched.

Although the unnamed blogger whose Hotmail inbox was invaded did not have any connection to Microsoft, a former employee named Alex Kibkalo was found to allegedly be supplying company property.

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