Microsoft Testing Massive 'Hero Ads' in Bing

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Despite the unpopularity of Google’s suggested banner ads, Microsoft are planning to take things one step further with new full-page ‘Hero Ads’ in Bing.

Selected partner brands around the United States will be featured in Bing’s hero ads, which will display as full-page advertisements for specific searches. When Bing users search for one of the partnered brands, the full page hero ad will take the place of typical search results. Users will be happy to know that the huge ads won’t turn up in any other unrelated search results. Regular search results will be viewable on the next Bing page should users choose to click past the ads.

Amongst Microsoft’s first batch of hero ad partners are Land Rover, Walt Disney World, and Home Depot, which will begin showing up to a small number of consumers soon. The pilot tests are currently limited to Bing users in the US who search through Windows 8.1, though it is not yet clear if the ads will be expanded to the rest of Bing’s users.

With the hero ads going live for certain Bing users today, Microsoft will be actively soliciting feedback from both partners and consumers in order to provide the best possible marketing experience. 

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