Microsoft loses Boston to Google

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 8 months ago)

The war between Microsoft and Google is raging as hard as ever, and the latter's delivered a massive blow. Microsoft has lost one of its biggest clients - the city of Boston, that is, which has decided to replace its Microsoft email technology with Google apps. 76,000 accounts were moved from one company to another, making Boston one of Microsoft's biggest losses to date. In a blog post announcing the switch, Boston's CIO Bill Oates explained why Google had won the city over:

"In 2013, following an extensive review of the market, the city initiate a rigorous RFP process that attracted a wide range of bids, including multiple Microsoft and Google cloud offerings...[we] unanimously chose Google Apps based on its ability to meet the needs of a fast moving city while providing a secure cloud environment."

Microsoft isn't backing down easily though, no matter how many clients Google has nabbed. One of the biggest contacts made was the company's arrangement with the State of Texas, which incorporated a massive 100,00-seat deal. The battle continues.

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