Microsoft Launches Program to Teach Coding to Veterans

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Veterans have always seen an unfortunately high rate of unemployment, but Microsoft’s latest training program aims to curb that statistic by training returning soldiers for work in the IT industry.

The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy is a 16-week course created to prepare new veterans for work in non-military sectors. The course is aimed at teaching veterans basics which could help to prepare them for work or training in fields such as IT project management and software engineering.

So far, the teaching program has only existed as a pilot course in Washington, but Microsoft has announced that it is ready to expand and extend opportunities to veterans in California and Texas by the end of the year. Microsoft’s program is available to service members in all four branched of the armed forces, as well as the National Guards and Reserves.

In the past, veterans have found re-entering the workforce, which is due in part to the difficulty of adjusting to civilian life. This teaching program will hopefully prove a helpful tool to set service members on the path to a steady role as part of the civilian workforce.

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