Microsoft launches Bing for Schools program

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 2 months ago)

Software giant Microsoft announced the launch of its new Bing for Schools project, aimed at enhancing digital literacy in school-aged children by putting technology into classrooms. The version of Bing aimed at kids completely filters out adult content from searches, as well as having absolutely no ads and an advanced privacy protection system.

As a part of this initiative, families, teachers and everyone else willing to contribute can get credits for using Bing via Microsoft’s Bing rewards program. These credits can be added to a general pool for a specific school. When that school reaches 30,000 credits, they will be given a free Surface RT tablet by Microsoft. With 60 users contributing to a school’s Bing searches, Microsoft estimates that they could easily earn one tablet per school per month.

Since anyone can register for the Bing Rewards scheme, it is possible for users around the world to but all their internet searches to good use by aiding schools. Anyone who is interested can register at

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