Microsoft Investors Pushing for Bill Gates to Resign

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has found himself under fire from three investors who collectively own over 5% of the company and want to see his term as Chairman come to an end.

Whilst the investors haven’t been names, Reuters’ report on the development claims that they are worried that Gates’ 4.5% stake in the company gives him a disproportionate amount of influence. Although Gates gave up his daily role at Microsoft in 2008, he still forms part of the committee in charge of searching for Steve Ballmer’s succession. The unnamed investors fear that Gates’ large share in the company will stall the adoption of any new strategies which Microsoft seems to need.

This attack on Microsoft’s founder is just part of a long call for change in the company which led to CEO Steve Ballmer stepping aside. If Reuter’s report is accurate, Microsoft’s investors have not been appeased by Ballmer’s exit, which is why Gates is now the one in the crosshairs.

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