Microsoft beats Apple in branding game

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 9 months ago)

Microsoft has beaten Apple at what one would call its own game, as it came out on top in the results of a brand survey. According to the survey by Forrester Research, Microsoft ousted Apple because of its cross-generational appeal and its constant presence in every aspect of life. Top scores for Microsoft came in based on its high trust raking within the survey, as well as its unbeatable score in the "Essentials" category.

"Microsoft's essentiality is so ubiqutous, there's really no alternative to Windows and Microsoft," said Tracy Stokes, the Forrester analyst who led the team behind the survey. "Microsoft has a utilitarian essentiality, not the kind of emotional essentiality that Apple relies on."

Apple rang in at second place, with Sony coming in at third and Samsung at fourth. Stokes attributed Apple's runner-up position due to its troubles over the last year, based on mounting criticism and a drop in stock price. "Apple's lost a little bit of its luster," she commented.

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