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Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

Microsoft has added a number of new features to, some of which the company has referred to as "the most sophisticated" in the world of webmail. New Advanced Rules mean that users can create and customize automatic, multi-action rules. Optional conditions included with the rules add to the already-high level of customization available. Microsoft have also introduced a new global Undo function, something that can work specifically for one email or even a select group. Another new addition is the in-line reply feature, which lets you directly respond to an email without having to launch a separate view.

The inbuilt chat service has also been refined. "One thing we heard from customers was that starting a chat session with friends wasn't as easy to find as it could be, so we've made several improvements to the experience," explained Outlook Principal Group Program Manager Mike Schackwitz on the email service's blog. "You can now browse your People by filtering what service they're using (Skype, Facebook, etc). You can even see who's currently available - icons will now appear alongside names, so you know who's able to Video, Call or just chat." Schackwitz continued to explain how the service has become more fluid, with users able to switch from one service to another within the same session.

The feature-rich update will be rolled out to all users within the next few weeks.

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