Meet the wearable devices that look like jewelry

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 7 months ago)

(Source: Cuff)

Wearable devices aren't exactly known for being pretty, but a new startup is looking to change that. Cuff products look exactly like jewelry, but have that slight edge over your standard bracelet or necklace. In a small space hidden in the interior of the band, each cuff sports a Bluetooth sensor called a "CuffLinc." When a person taps their cuff, an alert is distributed to a select group of people in the particular user's "Cuff Network." Notifications come in the form of vibrations from the cuff, or even via the user's smartphone. Cuff founder Deepa Sood explained that this could be used in case of an emergency, or to get the attention of someone not answering their phone. While Cuff is as yet untrackable, it is possible to send your location via the network - and trackability is in the works, Sood stated.

"I wanted to create something people actually want to wear," she said of her product. "Technology that looks good and people can feel good about wearing."

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