McDonalds Considers Installing 3D Printers

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Fast food super-chain McDonalds are reportedly considering adding 3D printers to their restaurants- don’t worry it isn’t their new way of producing burgers.

The idea comes from McDonald’s IT Director, Mark Fabes, who sees the introduction of 3D printers as a great way to keep tots from throwing tantrums inside the restaurant. If Fabes has his way, children will get the chance to select the toy they want in-store, instead of having to settle for whatever is on offer that day. Not the greatest problem 3D printing could solve, but certainly a potential goldmine for McDonalds.

Whilst the idea of being able to print your own toy on demand might appeal to both kids and technology-addicted adults, I wouldn’t advise you to go skipping off to order your Happy Meal just yet. Whilst Fabes’ idea is certainly an innovative one, an idea is all it is for now. Before this kiddie-drawing plan can be put into action, there are several grown up questions to be asked, such as whether or not 3D printing materials are suitable for use around food.

Right now, 3D printing remains something of a fringe practice, but the growing interest displayed by big businesses such as McDonalds is just another indicator that this is one technology which will be shaping our future for years.

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