Malware Found on Google-Backed BitTorrent Client

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 9 months ago)

Xunlei, a Chinese file-sharing service partly owned by Google has been found spreading harmful malware to thousands of users with Windows and Android devices.

Tech security company Eset revealed after an investigation that Xunlei has been responsible for the spread of Trojan malware named “Win32/Kankan”, which can be harmful to Windows and Android users. Most disturbing of all, the malware was found to be signed with Xunlei’s security certificate, implicating the company as a whole in the spread.

Xunlei is a very popular BitTorrent client in China, and in fact caters to about 30% of global BitTorrent users; at present the malware spread on Xunlei has only affected Chinese users. Although it is not clear how the malware was initially spread, Eset security specialists have said that it was made specifically to avoid detection by security software. Running in the background, the program is capable of collecting user data and transmitting it to a remote server.

Since the malware infections were announced, Xunlei has made an uninstaller for its BitTorrent clients, which has helped infections to drop significantly according to Eset.

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