MafiaLeaks looks to take down the Italian mob

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 10 months ago)

A WikiLeaks-style website has been set up in Italy, with one purpose: to bring Casa Nostra to an end. Based on the Globaleak platform the former is built on, the website invites victims, ex-criminals and other informers to report Mafia activity – under a cloak of anonymity, of course. Any data on the website will be shared with “trusted persons”, these consisting of police officers investigating organized crime, anti-Mafia organizations, and journalists reporting any confirmed information. The website only allows information to be given through the Tor browser, which maintains maximum security. The information is then only kept in the system for 20 days before being automatically purged. is run by a small, anonymous group of about 5-10 people, who haven’t given any personal details except to say that this is all coming out of their own pocket and that they have families they fear reprisals, hence why they only allow interviews over encrypted chat. The group is hoping to shake the “culture of silence” that the presence of the Mafia has instilled not only in its birthplace in Southern Italy, but anywhere in the world it has been felt.

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