Lufthansa to Stream In-Flight Entertainment Directly to your Phone

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

Now that restrictions on mobile devices have been relaxed for travelers, world-class airline Lufthansa has some new ideas about how to keep their passengers entertained during trips. The new plan from the German airline is to send in-flight movies and entertainment directly to its passengers’ mobile devices.

In order to facilitate the intriguing video streaming upgrades on its flights, Lufthansa will reportedly install servers onto each of its airplanes later this year. The servers, which will connect directly to the on board Wi-Fi system will allow flyers to watch movies on their iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices. The only thing required from travelers is for them to download a streaming app designed specifically to connect with Lufthansa’s in-flight servers.

The server system, known as BoardConnect, was developed by Lufthansa along with Microsoft, and will also allow passengers to shop, order food, and find destination information easily. The BoardConnect system is easy to install, and already exists on 70 Virgin Australia planes while other airlines have shown interest in using the technology on their own fleets. 

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