LinkedIn Users Sue over Hacked Email Accounts

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Business-based social networking site LinkedIn has been slapped with a class action lawsuit, filed by several users who claim the service is responsible for hacking into their email accounts.

LinkedIn’s senior head of litigation, Blake Lawit, posted the company’s official response via a blog post, denying any involvement in hacking and calling the plaintiff’s claims completely without merit. According to Mr Lawit, LinkedIn does not access user email accounts without explicit permission from the user themselves.

The group of LinkedIn users responsible for the suit filed against LinkedIn in a California federal court, claiming that their email accounts had been hacked in the past week. The complaint against the social media company alleges that users who open LinkedIn at the same time as their private email inboxes are in danger of having their contacts list stolen by LinkedIn. These email contacts are allegedly extracted without the consent of the users and are then used in order to send endorsement emails about products and services.

In the wake of worry and suspicion by users, LinkedIn has said in a statement that they are committed to being as transparent as possible about protecting and utilizing user data to avoid other such misunderstandings.

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