Kids Not Negatively Affected by Video Games Says UK Study

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

A massive study carried out in the United Kingdom has found that video games do not actually seem to have an adverse effect on children’s behavior.

The study was led by a team from the University of Glasgow, who surveyed the behavior of more than 11,000 British kids. The researchers based their study on the observations of mothers, who reported the way their children behaved when exposed the video games during the study.

Researchers studied whether exposure to television or video games could be associated with an increase in attention disorders, anger, or other emotional problems in children. Contrary to popular opinion on the subject, it was found that exposure to video games did not have any effect on the behavior of the children. There were some small behavior problems noticed in young children who watched more than 3 hours of television in a day.

Whilst similar studies have been conducted on the effects of video games on children, the sample used by this study is particularly large. The results are consistent with the claims made by pro-video game lobbyist group the Entertainment Software Association.

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