Justin Bieber behind Launch of Selfie App ‘Shots of Me’

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Irritating pop titan Justin Bieber is behind the unveiling of a new social media app aimed at teens who just don’t have enough platforms for sharing selfies.

The Bieb’s selfie app, called ‘Shots of Me’ is intended as a platform for teenagers to post photos of themselves and share them with friends. One of the interesting features on the app is that unlike other social media services such as Facebook or Instagram, there is no comments feature on Shots of Me. According to Bieber himself, this is a measure against online bullying and abuse.

The app, which Bieber reportedly invested around $1.1million in, uses the front-mounted camera on smartphones to allow users to take selfie pictures and upload them. The app was developed by RockLife, a firm better known for creating social games that proved popular with high schoolers. Taking advantage of their popularity with the younger demographic, RockLife used their social know-how when developing Shots of Me. “We giggled that we knew how to market to high school girls, so let’s build something even bigger,” said RockLive CEO John Shahidi.

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