John McAfee Wants to Build “Unhackable” Internet

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 12 months ago)

Despite having split from his self-named security company almost 20 years ago, John McAfee has returned to Silicon Valley with a big plan. The 68-year old founder of McAfee Inc aims to do the one thing that so many people wish for: make the internet unhackable.

In an interview to Californian newspaper the Contra Costa Times, McAfee claimed to have new technology which would help to create “a new type of Internet, a decentralized, floating and moving Internet that is impossible to hack”. As yet, it is not clear what McAfee might have up his sleeve to justify these lofty claims; however he intends to reveal more news about his latest ventures into internet security within the next few days.

Although the New York Times reported in 2009 that McAfee’s personal wealth was in decline following the global financial crisis, McAfee’s unhackable internet may certainly draw investors. In the current climate of security worries and hacking scandals, internet privacy is a growing concern around the world.

Naturally, many technology experts deny that McAfee’s idea of a hacker-free internet is even possible, but we’ve definitely got our fingers crossed for this one to work out.

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