JetBlue and Delta First Airlines to Allow Electronics throughout Flight

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Following the FAA’s ruling that switching off electronic devices for take-off or landing was unnecessary, JetBlue and Delta have become the first two airlines in the US to allow tablets, e-readers and other devices to remain on for the duration of their flights.

Both airlines made the appropriate changes to meet the FAA’s new guidelines for in-flight electronics. The FAA have approved the two airlines’ policy tweaks, training changes and testing results, declaring that as of Friday 1st November, both airlines were qualified to allow passengers to use their electronic devices from gate to gate.

The new FAA guidelines apply to small gadgets classified as “personal electronic devices”, which includes tablets, e-readers and phones, but does not include laptops. Devices larger than a tablet much still be stowed away for take-off and landing, just as they have always been. Electronics which were previously banned from flights, such as e-cigarettes and televisions, will remain on the black-list for all airlines.

Currently, the new guidelines for Delta are different between domestic and international flights, so these changes might not apply to travelers who are flying internationally. It is expected that European airlines should follow suite and remove the bans on personal electronic devices during take-off and landing within the coming year.

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