Italian web design tool Flazio uses your Facebook page to build your website

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 7 months ago)

Creating a website just got easier - and it's all down to Facebook. Well, sort of. Sicilian brother and sister team, Elisa and Flavio Fazio, have come up with an tool that will build your website for you, all through your Facebook profile. The Facebook app allows you to export your info, feed, photos and more into a single website. It makes anyone clueless about website design look like a veritable guru. Of course, this tool isn't the first of its kind - look at Squarespace, for example - but Elisa is confident in the engine's future. "What makes the Flazio team special is the ability to run a business in a high velocity market without missing the perception of each consumer value," she said. "From a technical standpoint, Flazio keeps on investing in R&D. There are continious updated features releases, especially according to technology updates or specific customer needs."

The team have already raised $400,000 in private equity from Zernike Meta Venture, with views to going global. The tool is seeing 4,500 users daily, with over 90,000 websites having been built so far. In a nutshell? The future looks pretty bright for the Fazio siblings.

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