Intel to Reduce Workforce by 5,000 Jobs

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

Intel, the world’s biggest chip manufacturer, announced late last week that it would be forced to downsize its work force by 5,000 jobs.

Last week, Intel reported that the company’s earnings for the last quarter of 2013 did not meet projected figures; experts suspect that this is mainly due to the drop in PC sales around the world. Whilst Intel does have some stake in producing technology for the mobile devices currently dominating the market, its involvement may not be as quintessential as it once was.

In a statement to technology news outpost CNET, Intel officials stated that the workforce reduction did not automatically mean redundancies for employees. Although the workforce would be cut down by at least 5%, this will be largely done through “redeployments, voluntary programs, retirements, and through attrition.”

Following the shift in market interest from PCs to mobile devices and cloud-storage, Intel is expected to refocus its manufacturing goals in the near future. More resources will likely be deployed towards developing chips for tablets; the company has set its sights on selling 40 million tablet chips during 2014.

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