Intel launching RealSense, making PCs more human-like

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 9 months ago)

If Intel has it their way, PCs are set to get a whole new lease of life. The company announced the launch of Intel RealSense, a new line of computer sensing technology that will give computers a more "human" feel. 

The technology will let PCs do things like understand language commands and gesture-based interaction. The first piece of RealSense technology will be a tiny 3D camera that can be added to desktop screens, or even embedded in laptops or tablets. Mooly Eden, the senior vice-president of Intel's Perceptual Computing Group, demonstrated the camera at the CES yesterday. The camera, which is made up of two smaller cameras the record right and left images like human eyes, give computers a sense of depth that allows them to perform functions that normal cameras cannot. Systems incorporating the camera would be available in the second half of 2014, Eden said.

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