HTC Plans to Release Wearable Device This Year

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 8 months ago)

By the end of the year, smartphone manufacturer HTC is expected to make its first ever wearable device available to consumers around the world.

The rumors about HTC’s planned move to the world of wearable tech have been floating around for some time, but Chairwoman Cher Wang only confirmed the speculation in a statement to Bloomberg this week. According to Wang, HTC have been interested in the smartwatch and wearable device market for some time, and have been working to solve problems caused by battery life and LCD lights, taking a more consumer-centric approach to the problems.

Unfortunately for curious consumers and technology pundits, Wang did not give any further information on the direction which HTC would take, or when a release could be expected. Last October, HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, told the Financial Times that the wearable technology market was considered a “critical segment” for the company.

According to one report, HTC’s mystery wearable device will most likely be a smartwatch and camera combo which the company has been working on for some time.

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