HTC One Mini Banned in the UK after Nokia Patent Suit

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Smartphone patent suits have been in the headlines for a long time with varying results, but one recent ruling in favor of Nokia means that the new HTC One Mini will be pulled off shelves around the United Kingdom.

The two smartphone makers have been battling it out in court ever since Nokia patents were apparently used to build some of HTC’s smartphones, including the HTC One and the now contraband HTC One Mini. Now that a UK court has ruled in favor of Nokia, the sale of the HTC One Mini will be banned in the country as of December 6th. Whilst HTC may be able to appeal this decision, they will still have to wait until the outcome of that next court case before they are able to sell the phone again.

Previously, HTC were also forced to change the designs on the microphone and radio inside the One smartphone after also using Nokia patents.  Additionally, Nokia are attempting to claim compensation from HTC over the patent suit, which could spell more trouble for the smartphone company.

Even with this unfavorable ruling working against them, it seems that the worst may not yet be over for HTC, who may also face a sales block on the One model too. So far this seems unlikely as the ruling judge deemed the damage done by banning a flagship phone to be too considerable to the manufacturer, who is already at risk of a rapid decline of sales.

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