How to tell if a Website is Secure

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

When using or sharing sensitive information on the internet, it is always important to be as careful as possible that this information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Before entering information such as bank details or personal data into a website, it is important that we are sure this website is secure.

An easy way to see if the login page you’re on is as secure as it needs to be is to take a quick look up to your address bar. As most people know, many internet addresses begin with the prefix “http:“. HTTP, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, defines how messages are transmitted in a browser and how the browser responds to commands. Whilst HTTP is fine for browsing regular websites, it does not have the added security layer that we would like to see when using sensitive websites like Paypal.

A secure website, such as your email login page or your online banking page should have an extra addition to their normal address. A URL which begins with “https:” means that the website is more secure, and therefore safer to use. 

The next time you’re logging into a website to make a secure payment, take a quick peep into your address bar, and see if your internet experience is as secure as you’d like it to be.


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