How to Take a Screen Shot

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years ago)

Being able to take a screen shot is a handy tool indeed, and an easy trick to learn in no time at all. If you are ever in touch with technical support agents online, it’s very likely that they will ask you for a screen shot so that they can assess the problems themselves.

A screen shot is also known as a screen capture, screen cap, screen grab, or print screen. When the screen shot command is used, it captures an image of whatever is being displayed on your monitor. If you are using this to help customer service, this image will allow them to get a better understanding of what might be going wrong.

In most cases creating a screen shot is easy; you may even have noticed the ‘Print Screen’ button in the top right side of your keyboard. To capture a screen shot, simply hit that button on your keyboard and your computer will take the image. However, you may notice that no image appears in front of you, this is normal. The image is currently in your clipboard waiting to be pasted somewhere, so simply open up an image editing program like paint and paste the image with the command “Ctrl+V”. You can then save your screen shot and send the image or do whatever you need to with it.

In the case that you are using a laptop, you may notice that the print screen function shares a key with another key. To use your print screen button in this case, you simply need to click the Function key at the same time as Print Screen. Your Function key will normally be labeled “Fn” and is usually located next to the control key in the bottom left corner of your keyboard. When this is done simply paste your image and save as normal.

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