How to remove wsys.exe from my computer?

Posted by: Gergely Sumegi (4 years ago)

Wsys.exe is one of the file names used by the Spyware.SpyloPCMonitor program, created by Sontrex Software. This program might use other file names, such as setup.exe, hook.dll or wsyssrv.exe to disguise itself.

According to the official description by Symantec, this program must be manually installed. This means that the transmission is not automatic; it needs a person to install it on any computer. It also suggests that the process can be terminated and deleted manually.

Wsys.exe, or the same program under any other file name, is used to monitor user activity on the computer, by the method of logging keystrokes and taking screenshots. It can also end the processes of anti-spyware programs, which might make it harder to get rid of.

This spyware, or more precisely the first antivirus update by Symantec appeared in 2005, but new updates were still released even in 2010. So, if you have an up-to-date antivirus system on your computer, this program cannot do any harm.

By Gergely Sumegi

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