How to make your laptop battery last longer

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 2 months ago)

For people on the go, laptops are an absolutely indispensable tool for everyday life and business. Whilst they grow more efficient and powerful with each passing years, laptops are also conveniently small and of course portable.  This portability does come with a few draw backs though, and every laptop user knows the frustration of running low on battery power at an inconvenient moment. You can try and keep these incidents to a minimum, by following some of these handy tips when you find yourself running low on power:

  1. Power down any multimedia activities; games, videos and music are all huge drains on battery life, so turn them off if your laptop is on the verge of losing power.
  2. Turn your screen brightness down as far as you can, a dim display will definitely conserve power.
  3. Make sure to turn off any scheduled tasks.
  4. Autosave features in Microsoft Office take up more battery life than you’d think, so turn them off to increase battery efficiency. Do make sure to be careful to save your work manually, though.
  5. Turn off BlueTooth and Wi-Fi. Chances are that even if you’re not using wireless networking, your laptop is still searching for potential connections: shut it down!
  6. Speakers should be turned off, or turned down as far as possible.
  7. Regularly defragment your hard drive, if it can do its work quickly and efficiently, it won’t put as much strain on your laptop’s battery. Don’t try and do this whilst the power is low, but think ahead about it.
  8. Remove any USB devices, these are all powering themselves directly from your laptop battery.
  9. Use your laptop efficiently and don’t leave unnecessary programs running in the background. Multitasking is an absolutely no-no when your battery is low.
  10. Put your laptop in hibernate mode until you can find a power source.
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