How to Create a PDF File

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

PDF files are very commonly used these days, particularly in the circulation of business documents, but if you’ve never seen one before they might be a little tricky to open. You may have noticed that PDF files will not open on normal word processing software programs such as Microsoft Word, so you will need other software to access this file type.

A file with the extension ‘.pdf’ is a Portable Document Format file; this file must be opened on Adobe Reader, which is a free application by Adobe Systems. PDF files are useful because they allow a file to be saved exactly, allowing format information to be preserved, this makes the PDF look the same on every monitor and computer system. PDF files can be easily protected from copying and editing, making them very useful for sensitive documents such as contracts.

If you have a word document you would like to save as a PDF, this is a very simple procedure. Open the document you would like to save and click on the File menu in Word. Click on the “Save and Send” tab and select “Create PDF/XPS Document”. When the save window pops up, name your document and be sure to select the correct file type before selecting “Publish”. Your file will now be saved as a PDF and will appear with the same formatting you intended it to have no matter who you send it to.

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