Hotfile Hands Over $80 Million in MPAA Settlement

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 10 months ago)

Another online storage site is being pushed to the brink of annihilation in the MPAA’s continuing war on copyright infringement.

This Tuesday, Hotfile agreed to an $80 million settlement for a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against it by the Motion Picture Association of America. The digital locker site was also ordered to cease any and all operations unless it instituted a “digital fingerprinting” policy and copyright filtering technology.

Hotfile is one of the most popular cyberlocker sites, particularly following the demise of super-site MegaUpload some years previously. The site was owned and operated by Anton Titov, a Florida resident whom the MPAA held as personally responsible for the copyright infringement on Hotfile. The main scope behing Hotfile was to offer digital file storage for users, as well as allowing them to swap files amongst themselves.

The MPAA has been on a quest to kill Hotfile since 2011, which was when copyright infringement lawsuits against the sites began to be filed. According to the MPAA, Hotfil is “one of the 100 most trafficked sites in the world.” Since the attack on Hotfile began, many other file-sharing sites have come under fire from the MPAA, including MegaUpload, Isohunt and Surfthechannel.

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