Helium Makes Hard Drives 50% Bigger

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 11 months ago)

Get ready for more hard drive storage in the same space, all thanks to the to the universe’s lightest element- helium!

On Monday, Western Digital’s storage-based subsidiary, HGST, announced that after years of development, it has perfected a way to seal helium gas inside a hard disk. These new helium-filled storage devices are the same size as the largest hard drives currently available, but at an impressive 6TB of storage, they are an entire 50% larger.

On top of the hugely increased storage space, helium hard drives also use less power, and are in fact lighter and significantly quieter than their 4TB predecessors. All these changes come as excellent news for cloud data storage services, not only for the increased capacity, but also the reduction of energy costs. Since helium is being used instead of air, the new hard drives will also run around four or five degrees cooler than current models.

Whilst Western Digital has not yet released a pricing scheme, the company did announce that the hard drives will “command a premium”. Although these drives will top the current storage market, many companies, including Huawei and HP, are said to be experimenting  with the next generation in hard drive technology.

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