Great Scott! Back to the Future Footwear to become Reality in 2015

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 7 months ago)

Marty McFly fans will have something good to put on their wishlists in 2015 just in time for Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary. Nike designer Tinker Hatfield hinted that pop-culture footwear the Air Mag could be released complete with self-tightening laces next year.

Although a version of the famous footwear worn by Michael J. Fox in the 80s classic film did go on limited release in 2011, fans were disappointed to find that they didn’t quite live up to their expectations. The ‘power laces’ featured in the film were sadly not a part of the 2011 release, but it seems like they might be on their way to shoe stores as of next year.

Nothing is confirmed as yet, but speculation around the comments made by Hatfield at a recent event in New Orleans have sparked interest in fans around the world. While Hatfield mentioned that the power laces might be seen in Nike’s line up next year, he didn’t make any promises about whether this would be part of an Air Mag rerelease or as part of a separate design. Either way, it’s one step closer to being almost as cool as Marty McFly.

Now, where do I sign up to get my hoverboard?

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