Google Sets its Sights on Smart Lenses for Diabetics

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (3 years, 9 months ago)

Google’s latest addition to the field of wearable technology is a set of contact lenses. The contacts aren’t the next evolution for Google Glass, though; they have a much more health-focused application in mind. Google’s new lenses help diabetes patients to keep their health in check.

With sensors “so small they look like bits of glitter” along with an antenna “thinner than a human hair”, the lenses were developed to help diabetics monitor their glucose levels. Currently, diabetes sufferers have to take finger-prick tests throughout the day to monitor their blood sugar levels, but Google’s smart eyewear could make that a thing of the past.

Google announced on Thursday that this project had been in development for some time; not only have prototypes already been produced, but clinical studies have already happened. The contact lenses have passed from strict US Food and Drug Administration requirements.

Whenever Google manages to bring this product to the public, there will certainly be a large market for the devices; diabetes affects 1 in 19 people around the world and is currently one of the fastest growing diseases on the planet.

(Image Credit: Google)

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