Google removes underlined links from results page

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (3 years, 7 months ago)

While it may not sound like much, today has marked a big turning point for Google. The one design element from the 1996 days that has survived the test of time is slowly being removed - the 90s style underlined links are being retired. While Google is also tweaking other parts of its desktop search results, this is the most significant change for the search engine. "We've increased the size of result titles, removed the underlines, and evened out all the line heights," said Google lead designer Jon Wiley. "This improves readability and creates an overall cleaner look."

As said this may seem inferior to most, but for a website that changes its design as rarerly as Google does it is a big step. Underlined links go back to the days of Geocities, Altavista, and other websites Google was born with. This all happens just as the Internet celebrates its 25th anniversary, in true throwback fashion. 

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