Google Names New Android “KitKat”

Posted by: Maxine Brimmer (4 years, 1 month ago)

Have a break, have an... Android? In an unexpected and slightly strange move, Google have announced that the newest version of Android would be named after Nestle candy bar KitKat. Since its release, Google has named different versions of Android after various desserts in alphabetical order, although none of them have been branded names in the past.

Initial speculation on the release theorised that Nestle had licensed the KitKat name to Google in a hefty marketing deal. However, Google has confirmed to the BBC that the inclusion of KitKat as Android’s latest name was not a marketing move on Nestle’s part, and that no money has been exchanged for the use of the name. Whilst the cross-promotion is quite a strange move, there is no doubt that both Nestle and Google have a lot to benefit from the marketing potential generated by KitKat.

Google have already gotten the promotional ball rolling by unveiling the latest statue of their Android mascot outside their headquarters. With Android’s previous version, Jellybean, the Android mascot was presented as a jar filled with jellybeans, for KitKat, Google’s latest statue is a KitKat chocolate bar in the shape of the Android robot.

Whether or not the marketing opportunities generated was intentional or not, I definitely have a suspicious craving for chocolate now.

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